Dominatrix Anna Rose

Tacoma, WA Dominatrix|ProDomme|Domina

My Equipment, Specialties and Interests

I have 30 years of experience and an amazing collection of unique toys and equipment in a safe and hygenic atmosphere

I will take control over you in a playful way

Masks 1

There are so many masks to choose from

The StyleFetish Super Boomer is incredible

And more latex masks and gasmasks

This StyleFetish Super Stallion will keep you in place while I play with you

Electrodes that stimulate, tease or torment you in the right places

This bondage bench is electric operated to lift and tilt giving me easy access to you

The StyleFetish Bondage Board together with the Serious Kit Machine

Equipment for the Serious Kit Milker

Segufix Locking Medical Restraints with a Posey Straitjacket = The Real Deal

There are so many toys to play with you

This cage is made for your confinement

And even more special kinky bdsm toys 

The Stylefetish Cage on wheels with attachable Striker machine

Ambulance “Ferno” stretcher for the hardcore medical enthusaists

The Stylefetish Cage is the Real Deal and you will feel under my total control

The Striker Machine can be mounted to the Super Boomer, Cage or Super Stallion

Adult baby Segufix locking spreader pants harness with optional plug = Vulnerable

The Tremblr machine


Showing here only some pony play gear
to transform you – I have much more

Rubber Magic inflatable body bag is incredible once inflated you cannot move

Fantasy Leather UK human pony harnesses that strap you in all the right places

Restrictive rubber gloves & mittens which inflate, hold and minimize your freedom

Controlled breathplay that can take you to places you never knew existed

Rubber neck bondage – Inflatable, choking, supporting, posture & boned

My Specialities and Interests

Latex + Heavy Rubber


Colon Irrigation


Breath Play Games

Striker Machine

Hoods + GasMasks


Sensory Overload

Teasing + Denial

Serious Kit